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Issuance, incorporated in New York, US
Acquired by Circle in Oct 2018

SeedInvest, A Leading Equity Crowdfunding Platform.


SeedInvest is a leading equity crowdfunding platform that provides investors with access to highly vetted startup investment opportunities. The SeedInvest network contains over 15,000 accredited investors, including hundreds of family offices and institutions. SeedInvest typically invests between $500,000 – $5 million as part of a syndicate.

✓ Vetted Startup Investments1

In the past we’ve accepted just ~1% of startups that apply. The startups listed must all successfully pass our comprehensive due diligence process.2  1

✓ Easier Diversification3

We offer minimum investments as low as $500. That’s 50 times lower than typical startup investments, letting you easily diversify across multiple startups.

✓ Help Fund The Future

Entrepreneurs are the innovators, the dreamers, the ones crazy enough to potentially change the world. By backing them, you can make a difference too.


Total Investors

$100 Million+

Total Invested


Startups Funded


The information provided is solely based on the information publicly available. Should you wish to provide us with a piece of updated information, please email us.