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Issuance, incorporated in San Francisco, US

The Compliance Platform for Digitizing Securities on the Blockchain


Digital securities modernize raising capital by upgrading a traditionally illiquid, tedious, and costly process. Some features of digitized securities are:

✓ Compliance

Built-in global regulatory compliance coded into the DS and protocol levels

✓ Programmable

Self-executing Investor & Issuer rights (dividends, buybacks, etc…)

✓ Liquidity

Access to global markets 24/7/365

✓ Fractional Ownership

Driving further liquidity for Issuers and Investors

✓ Transparent AND Immutable

Providing more direct and certain ownership to Investors

✓ Efficient

Eliminate friction and middlemen


The information provided is solely based on the information publicly available. Should you wish to provide us with a piece of updated information, please email us.