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Ampliv TV featured Ralf Kubli, Director of CV VC, focusing on our discussion around the Switzerland legal landscape and how the government helps startups navigate the security token use cases. He also openly shared his recommendations – to be added to your reading list!

00:45 Tell us about yourself
02:17 Blockchain story by Ralf Kubli
03:42 He recommends…
05:33 What inspires you the most?
06:20 About CV VC
09:33 Current crypto scene in Switzerland
11:00 What does the tokenised securities mean to you?
12:07 Discussing the security token standardisation in Switzerland
15:33 The Switzerland government’s focus area
18:18 How do they guide the blockchain startups to operate in Switzerland?
19:42 Security token use cases
20:51 The real estate industry and security tokens
22:02 Lightning round

What is Ampliv TV?

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