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Ampliv TV featured Patrick Loepfe, Chairman of GENTWO Digital, discussing the digital assets ecosystem in Switzerland and how GENTWO Digital helps bridge the gap in between the traditional finance and crypto finance when dealing with securities.

00:22 Tell us about yourself
01:16 Traditional vs. Tokenised securities
02:19 Two key drivers that answer: Why blockchain?
02:53 Crypto asset as a use case
04:04 Current state of the tokenised assets market in Switzerland
04:51 Tokenised assets in 5-10 years time
05:52 A journey towards the crypto business modelling
06:29 What is GENTWO Digital?
06:58 Where did the idea come from?
08:44 How GENTWO Digital works?
09:43 Active Managed Certificates (AMCs)
10:18 An analogy to the year of 2008
12:22 Bridging the gap
13:54 What makes GENTWO Digital different?
15:33 GENTWO Digital in Asia

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