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Ampliv TV featured Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny, discussing how to manage the asset tokenisation as well as legal aspects of France, Luxembourg and the European Union countries.

It was a true pleasure speaking with Luc. Looking forward to the next catch up!

00:27 Tell us about yourself
01:08 Centralised vs decentralised marketplace
04:45 Issuing a token representing assets
06:45 Identity on chain using smart contract
08:47 Since 14 February 2019, transferring securities on the blockchain is legal in Luxembourg
11:03 Tokeny’s role in the ecosystem
12:01 France vs Luxembourg
14:47 Security tokenisation in the European Union (EU)
18:13 Standardisation with T-REX and ERC20
20:53 How to issue a security token
24:16 IPO vs STO
27:53 Fast-changing asset-backed token market

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